Muscle Activation San Jose App

Help Stay on Track

MASJ realizes that achieving your health and wellness goals requires a full-time commitment from you to achieve these goals. That’s why we have an app that allows you to have our expert guidance and advice in your pocket 24/7.

There will be no guesswork into what you should do today in order to reach your goals. Simply wake up, check the app, and see any messages from your coach with your assigned workout for the day. Easy to follow the instructions.

Don’t know how to do the exercise? No problem, every prescribed exercise consist of a video tutorial as well as a written description. Even when life gets in the way because of a vacation, birthday parties, and not sure what you should eat, MASJ has you covered. We help with accountability if you start missing workouts your coach gets alerted! Not to judge but to help you reach your goals and discuss how you can get back on track. This is one of the many systems used at MASJ to help you get to your goals faster.

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